Dec 24, 2007

On Entreprenuership

On Linkedin Answers someone asked:

Experience talent always has the option of going the entrepreneurial way. Have you felt the lure as yet? If you have, what's stopping you?

This is what I answered:

yes, have felt the lure, tried it and moved back to industry, albeit not a 'large corporate' one. 

There are many reasons why all experienced talent cannot make the transition to entrepreneurship. 

Most of the times entrepreneurship needs more skills than most "corporate" people realise. Figuring out a business model, focusing on certain services/products and then marketing them is not easy. For high corporate achievers it can result in confronting failure which most might tend to take personally. 

The critical thing is that organizations encourage one to specialise and your work is supported and sold (either internally or externally) with the help of others. When you turn an entrepreneur you effectively are saying goodbye to that safety net. 

How successful then you are will lie in adapting to the lack of the safety net and learning to do multiple roles.