Jan 18, 2008

Booz Allen Hamilton Change management podcasts

I always get a kick out of seeing large traditional firms embracing social media, however tentatively.

After Deloitte's podcast series, now Booz Allen Hamilton has launched it's own podcast series on transformation and change management issues. The press release says:

Booz Allen will post new podcasts to its TLC webpage on a monthly basis and retain older productions in a catalogue on the same site. David Humenansky, a vice president at Booz Allen Hamilton, will kick off the webcast series, reflecting on how to avoid some of the common pitfalls associated with transformation as well the increasingly complex requirements organizations face, which drive many change efforts.

"Recent world and national events are pressuring our government to transform itself in many areas -- military operations, homeland security, intelligence analysis, airport security, immigration and disaster preparedness -- just to name a few," said Humenansky. "There are also many changes happening in our government that are not related to defense and security. In fact, over 80% of government agencies and departments describe major strategic changes for themselves this year. In the aftermath of Katrina and amid Iraq, performance expectations across the board are higher than ever, and there is also a lower tolerance for 'transformation as usual.'"

However, I am wondering what the overall objective of such initiatives are. Do these large consulting firms look at building brand awareness at CXO levels or at the associate consultant levels?

Do CXO level people actually download and listen to podcasts?