Jan 14, 2008

Change your actions or attitudes

What do you change so that you can change? As Steve Roesler says:

  • Some people act only after they've gained an understanding of theory and context. Impacting their attitude is the first step in gaining action.
  • Others start acting immediately, then step back to see what it all means. Action plus reflection creates context and understanding for the bigger picture.
In part, that is the difference in views of the behaviorists - who believe that if behavior changes, it can lead to internal value changes too, while the other school - what to call them? Individualists? Or Gestalt thinkers? - believe that only when internal change is brought about, would there be real change in the context.

In fact, I believe that this difference is the key difference between ISISD (and later offspring, Sumedhas and Aastha) and the ISABS bodies.