Jan 16, 2008

Manpower's Melanie Holmes starts blogging

Melanie Holmes, VP of "World of Work Solutions" at Manpower North America has started blogging. Welcome to the blogosphere, Mel! Looking forward to some insightful conversations.

The blog is titled the Contemporary Working Blog and Melanie says it's meant to be:

a companion on your journey through the changing world of work. Here you'll find tips, tools and information on topics as diverse as the workforce itself: the aging workforce, working women, professional etiquette, generational diversity, the talent crunch, and more. So whether you're an employer or an employee, and whether you're beginning or close to finishing your career, I hope you find the information here useful for navigating the contemporary world of work.
Right now the blog has only a few posts, but here's hoping that a senior executive like her can find the time and energy to blog regularly and share stuff from her vantage point. Here are some interesting posts on body piercings and tattoos in the workplace.

And another thing Mel, let's see a blogroll of the blogs you follow. :-)