Jan 11, 2008

Murdoch to buy Monster.com?

Seeking Alpha says that Rupert Murdoch apparently wants to buy Monster for $4.8 Billion. (Hat-tip VC Circle). There are reasons he says why Monster board might be considering it.

Sal Iannuzzi was hired as Chairman and Chief Executive Office in April 2007 to set the co up just for that. Remember, he was the one who sold Symbol Tech to Motorola in Jan 2007.

Ianuzzi brought in his boy, Timothy Yates as CFO in June 2007. Note that Yates had served as the CFO of Symbol Tech.

So what would that mean?

Murdoch could then offer job ads on his newspaper and TV channels as a package deal along with Monster postings.

The real interesting part would be if he could integrate it with his MySpace property. Currently vertical search engine SimplyHired (run by a guy called gautam g ;-) powers MySpace jobs. And note that Fox Interactive Media had invested in SimplyHired in 2006 too.

Will the dream team combination of Monster and SimplyHired add the mojo back to MySpace which it seems to have lost to Facebook in the recent past? Imagine SH's Jobamatic on every Myspace page, with jobs powered by Monster :-)

I wonder if in India, people are walking upto Sanjeev and offering to buy out the company he runs? Like large media companies in the print and TV space? Or large businesses that have been trying to get a good foothold in the digital space.