Jan 2, 2008

Rant about Recruiting

Karthik Nath, a friend and an executive search consultant mailed me:

Hi Gautam....
Something that bugs me to no end & also thought you could take this up as an item to for your blog.
The HR profession seems to be ruining it's own reputation & credibility by repeatedly 'sending in a boy to do a man's job'. (forgive my gender usage - an old adage quoted here)
What I mean is the practise of thrusting high designations and salaries on junior candidates who don't have the business knowledge, professional competence or individual maturity to deal with key stakeholders.
How long can these people survive and grow in 'real' learning terms before they feel burnt out and seek job change?
Could this be the factor separating the 'churn' industries/employers from the real career providers?
This is further aggaravated by the pathetic methods used to source candidates (ref some horrible posts I keep viewing on the E-Groups)
I'm going to fwd a couple of examples to help you get my point....hope you understand what I'm saying here.

The first email Karthik forwards, he mentions:
This reeks of desperation to hire...............even ITES doesn't give titles away like peanuts.... probably monkeys will apply!!!!

The incumbent should be Post Graduate in HR from premiere institute
from 1999/2000/2001 batch for General Manager
and 2003 / 2004 / 2005 / 2006 batch for Manager.

The second one is this pathetic attempt to entice people to apply, typos left intact:

I am with a search/ headhunting firm. We undertake searches for
middle and top level positions across indistries and functional

We have Manager Role for a very reputed firm in Financial Services
the profile requires for candidates only from reputed Business Schools

The Profile requires the candidate to have the following:
- Should possess 5 - 8 years of post qualification
- Should be able to talk to people who are SBU heads, VPs for the
vertical / horizontal.

- Needs to be a key player in Hr Initiatives

- A person who is thorough in his functional area and an ability to
work in a highly demanding and democratic work environment.

Education Qualification: MBA ( ONLY FROM B-SCHOOLS)

In case of any query with respect to this job profile kindly feel to
contact me at the number displayed below or else you could ask your
friends who are looking for an opportinuty or are interested in
getting to know about an opportunity to get in touch.

Hmm, looks like there is a huge opportunity for people to get into language and grammar training for recruiters :-)