Jan 31, 2008

Search firms and Trust

Krista Bradford has an interesting take on why the level of trust in a client and executive search firm is so low:

As a former investigative journalist, I know all about confidentiality. In fact, unlike search partners, I had to be willing to go to prison to protect a source. If there are some details that a candidate would rather not share, it is easy enough to redact from data exports and update reports to the client. That is why I suspect that the primary reason search firms refuse to share the data they gather over the course of a search is pure self-interest. They simply don't want to help their clients build their own database. Another reason is that some firms may be afraid to "show their work" quite simply because they haven't done it.

Interesting take. I wonder what recruiters and executive search consultants would reply to that?

In my opinion, there are certain things that are taken to be the 'norms of operating' in an industry. I wonder how the growth of jobsites and increase in transparency is changing the way executive search firms conduct their business? Is trust increasing or decreasing?