Jan 2, 2008

Using business networking to help your career

Have been quoted in the 15th January 2008 issue of Outlook Money on how people can utilise social and business networking sites along with blogging for career growth. Others quoted are chief blogger of WATconsult.com Rajiv Dingra (who explained how he hired an associate consultant after searching for the term "blog writer" on Orkut), Arunima Singhdeo of Brijj.com and Akhil Shahani who I've interacted on email and Brint's KM message board some time ago.

My take is that people should at least have a Linkedin profile and also use blogging to further their professional profile.

The article says that while social networking will never become the channels for mass hiring (there's campus recruiting for that purpose!) and there is no available data for how many people are being offered jobs using blogging or other social and professional tools, I think for the emerging digital and web 2.0 shops it would be a great way, since they are the ones using this tool.

Amongst the more interesting news from the article was that TCS (Tata Consulting Services) has a web 2.0 lab and the article quoted Dinesh Tantri who's listed as a web2.0 strategy consultant there. Does anyone know if there are practices like this in the other big IT services groups too?