Feb 18, 2008

Blog Post number 2000

It was on 8th of July 2002 that I first tentatively posted my first post. It was a Blogger that still was run by Pyra Labs and hadn't been acquired by Google.

This was what it looked like:

Then after a couple of years when a lot more templates were available to choose from, I opted for this look and a new name which was around for a longish time.

Then for some time I used the K2 format when we could play around with Blogger templates:

I think then in 2007 I settled for the current look :-)

My posting frequency has also varied down the years, with 2006 and 2007 being the most prolific by posting frequency so far:
Search engines have primarily been responsible for driving traffic to the blog with over 70% of visitors over the last year having come through them.

The blog that sends the most visitors after the search engines has been Rashmi's blog. Thanks Rashmi!!

The best part of the 2000 posts has been the comments that people have diligently left and have given me food for thought and occasionally castigated me too. It has enabled me to connect with like minded people across the world and has also enabled them to find me when looking for an area of shared interest.

Thanks Blogger! You've been an incredible friend and a very useful tool!