Feb 29, 2008

BlogsJam lists this blog in the Business and Management Channel

Ashish from citipals mailed me to let me know that they are launching a blog reader (not a web based RSS reader) called blogsJam.

In his email he wrote:

We are planning to announce the launch of blogsJam: (http://blogsjam.citipals.com/top-business-management)
  • blogsJam is a fast web based blog reader.
  • It categorizes blogs (and blog posts) by channels/topics.
  • Your blog has been posted in the above category by virtue of the wonderful posts you have on your website. Congrats!!
  • The customizable blogsJam widget will provide increased distribution for your posts.
  • You could also use the blogsJam widget to showcase fresh, relevant articles on your blog.
So if you want, you could grab the widget here.

Some other channels they have that are worth a dekko are: