Feb 12, 2008

Brand yourself through lots of tools

The personal branding blog talks about how in a recession personal branding takes on much more meaning.

It's true. A lot of people think that blogging is a great tool for personal branding. While it remains the case, blogging is useful for a certain type of people - People who are great at writing to get their points across. It's a skill that most people don't really build when they are growing up.

Today to stand out and brand yourself as a blogger with some authority, one needs to choose a niche which has a handful of noteworthy bloggers focusing on it. Great content is one thing, getting the community to notice you is another thing.

One gets noticed by two means - either if one is a known brand in a field or if other bloggers are talking about your content. The second case can happen if one is a handful of people blogging on that subject. Sure, you won't get traffic like Gizmodo or TechCrunch but that should not be your aim at all.

That brings us to the question we started off with. What if one's writing skills are below par to engage the attention of blog writers?

One can then showcase one's work on business and social networking sites like Linkedin. Even Facebook is a great way to be on people's radar. The only drawback about these sites is that a lot of time investment is required to build a community you want to be visible towards. The temptation is to be transparent about all that one does, however can result in unforeseen negative impact on oneself.

Video is an option for people who are great at presentations, but being in front of the camera and appearing natural is also a skill that needs to be learnt. Video alas, cannot be searched except by text tabs added around it.

One also has to use microblogging formats to brand yourself, without turning into a spam generator.