Feb 6, 2008

Employee Engagement Network

Terry alerted me to the Employee Engagement Network, a social network focused on employee engagement issues and people interested in it. The network is hosted on Ning and it focuses one on thinking about the next level of granularity that will evolve in the social network area, IMHO.

We'll engage with the larger population of netizens on Orkut and Facebook (both of whom have limits to the number of connections you can have - 1000 in the case of Orkut and 4999 for facebook) and we'll also become members of niche interest based communities, and Ning gives a great platform for making such networks. It's like what eGroups (later groups.yahoo.com) did to email distribution lists in the late 1990s.

Let a million networks bloom :-)

And if you are interested in Employee Engagement join the network and let's connect. The RecruitingBlogs.com community is also hosted on Ning. And so is Indian youth magazine JAM's Club Jam