Feb 22, 2008

Hillary rubbishes Chelsea's work

Ok, this is interesting :-)

Senator Clinton's daughter, Chelsea, works for New York-based hedge fund Avenue Capital Group and previously held a post with international management consulting group, McKinsey and Company.

"We ... have to reward work more," US broadcaster ABC quoted her as saying. "By that I mean I have people in New York working on Wall Street as investment managers, as hedge fund executives.

"Under the tax code, they can pay a lower percentage of their income in taxes on $50 million, than a teacher, or a nurse, or a truck driver in Parma pays on $50,000. That's very discouraging to people.

"You just feel like, 'Wait a minute, I'm working as hard as I can,' " she said.

It's not the first time the former first lady has railed against her daughter's profession. In 2006 she told an audience that young people thought "work is a four-letter word".

OK, now I know why young upwardly mobile professionals are not voting for Hillary. I wonder what Barack Obama thinks about knowledge workers