Feb 20, 2008

KM 0.0

Dave Pollard has an answer to KM's dilemma on how to succeed.

In a recent post where I waxed rhapsodic about how the best approach to everything could be reduced to three magic words (love, conversation, community), I presented this one-sentence summary of how this might apply to knowledge management (KM):

KM is simply the art enabling trusted, context-rich conversations among the appropriate members of communities about things these communities are passionate about.

In another recent post I laid out how the work of information professionals is now being done in (what I consider) leading organizations, around five key types of deliverables: awareness products, research products, guidance products, self-assessment and connectivity tools, and facilitated events.

While a few enlightened organizations might choose this path, I am afraid that the majority of organizations who are still stuck in the command and control mindset of the last century.