Apr 23, 2008

B-School Alumni Cells turn Placement Offices

That's what is happening in the US according to BusinessWeek

Free career services for life are a perk for most MBA graduates. And while most MBAs may not need them, in an economic downturn like the one we're facing, they're a valuable resource. Career services offices, which are reporting an increase in calls from alumni, are ramping up their offerings for MBAs.

While using a career center to help start your job search is a good move, it's also important to keep in touch and continue to build a network during periods of employment, say experts. In fact, many of the calls career centers are getting these days are from employed alums who want to help others who may be looking for work.

Unfortunately Indian B-School placement offices don't work like this. If they become more professional they can actually give the big-ticket headhunting firms a run for their money thanks to their database and the trust they enjoy with their alumni - and open up a much needed revenue stream for the B-School. Maybe then Indian B-School grad students will not be charged sky-high fees!
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