Apr 28, 2008

CR and not HR?

DubDubs has a very insightful post on how the "resources" in HR are Competencies and not Humans.

My theory is not that we are the resource, but we have the KSA’s (in old school terms) that can be resources. In today’s terms, I think we’re talking about competencies. In general, we can manage the competencies into a master repository (with a decent knowledge management practice), but in practice, this does not really seem to have been well applied in most organizations. We’re still dependent on people to bring competencies to work with them every day.

Not to beat a dead drum, but this is what talent management is all about. It’s about growing competencies to increase the value of a resource within the organization. It’s about keeping those competencies (managing depreciation?) within the organization. And of course it’s making sure the competencies get used. Any asset in the organization that is sitting in the corner or on the shelf is actually costing the company money to hold and not use it. Same with a competency. We hired and pay a person to use all of their competencies. However, if a person is not engaged, they come to work and hold back some of their productivity or some of their knowledge.

The problem (or so corporations think!) is that competencies are made of three different aspects, Knowledge, Skills and Attitude (the KSAs that DD talks about) of which two can be developed (Knowledge and Skills) while the third - Attitude - is what an adult rarely changes, and will not do so merely because the organization asks or expects him to.
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