Apr 19, 2008

Using Linkedin to get career insights

I kind of missed this interesting development on Linkedin. They have now introduced company profiles. What is most interesting is the data that shows the most common companies people left to join a company and the most common companies people left the company for. An interesting data for HR people to look at and analyse HR processes and policies.

For example take a look at the McKinsey & Company profile page.

The most companies (in Linkedin profiles) that people leave to join McKinsey are:And the most common companies they leave McKinsey to join are:
Another interesting data is the companies the employees are most connected to. And McKinsey employees are most linked to other consultants and academics:

Of course there is a skew in the data. The median age of McKinsey employees on Linkedin is 28 years and the common job titles are:

Engagement Manager12%
Business Analyst9%

So the data is not evenly distributed. However the insights should be interesting even then!

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