Apr 11, 2008

Welcoming new voices to the blogosphere

Two people I know from other places who have started blogging recently are Sumeet Kapur, CEO of Global Groupware Solutions, which has an employee relationship management solution called Smiles ERM, appropriately called bringing Smiles to Work :-)

Another HR Technology person whom I had earlier interacted with, Amit Avasthi, has started HR Bytes, a blog about HR and technology. In this post, he posts about his take on my views. In particular this point of his intrigued me:

3. The tools would also mean faster exchange of information, referrals and jobs amongst these networked individuals. Thus making Organization Climate and Culture sound like Jurrasic Era terms.

Would faster and better communication using web 2.0 mean more painless change in organizational climate and culture? I would like to believe it, but know it is not the case.

Human beings resist change because of a mixture of rational and irrational fears. Information alone can address only the rational fears but what of the fears that are rooted in emotions, and the non-logical part of human consciousness. Would larger collaborative work actually mean richer collaboration? I have my doubts.