May 28, 2008

Power of the Personal Brand

Rohit Jain, HR Consultant blogs about the two ways to create a strong organization brand:

One approach is to promote and ‘Create a brand for Organization’ which in turn will grow the business and people; the other is to promote and ‘Create a brand for an Individual’ which in turn will promote the organization and business. For different set of groups, organizations both work very well.

Several small to mid political parties are good examples of the second approach. They often create their media plan, campaign around the head of the party because that’s what is likely to get them most mileage. Once they are able to create a strong brand for that person, the organization tends to ride on their brand. They find it easier to differentiate and strong play the characteristics of an individual in most of the cases as against that of the organizations. A strong individual brand is something that has seen to be in many walks of life.

So if you are an emerging organization struggling to create an employment brand, can you turn your CEO and other top management into stars of the industry? It's easier for people to relate to people, so how can you tell stories about your people that'll make others want to be like them?