May 2, 2008

Some really good HR related posts

The Evil HR lady tells someone working in a small firm how to deal with a lousy pay raise.

SystematicHR looks at the reasons why Taleo seems to be going downmarket.

Steve Roesler says that a well bred head should be accompanied with a smart heart. I cannot stress how useless is IQ without EQ.

Michelle Malay Carter takes a look at the 2008 list of most Democratic Workplaces and says though she disagrees with the term she likes what they are measuring.

Penelope Trunk has a test to decide whether one will get promoted. Want to know more? Check it out.

Prasad Kurian ruminates whether 'passion at work' can be developed at all and links to something called anasakti - passion without attachment (stop smirking you dirty minds!). Kartik was thinking of the same issue a couple of months ago.

Mike looks at a new technology offering that adds some personality to hiring. Another post of his looks at how psychology, sociology and economics seeks to answer the same questions and how it relates to talent management.

Scott McArthur blogs about a survey that says people expect Networking will become a more and more important and distinctive skill in the future. I totally agree, and am amazed how consultants can't seem to network and collaborate to share business, operating in their needs to guard "their" clients and "their" projects. More on this point later.

From my other blog:
There's a SHRM India meet in Hyderabad on 9th May. RSVP details here. Nina Woodard SPHR, GPHR, Executive Director SHRM India will be there.
HR still faces challenges in India getting business acceptance.
There are millions of SMEs without HR processes or leadership