May 28, 2008

Weep for the profession

On several egroups that I participate in, I have heard similar stuff. People never want to do any 'searching' (forget research!) on their own. They want stuff handed down to them on a platter and then spoon-fed to them.

Evidently the HR Wench is undergoing the same feelings that she so eloquently describes here.

Let's weep for the poor organizations that such HR folks service. Now I know why a majority of people hate HR.

Er, looks like HR may not be only profession given to self-flagellation and introspection on how to add value.

But what if tomorrow’s IT people became the new rock stars, or at least the new business “Masters of the Universe”? What if the IT person became a hybrid-business technologist, with an impressive combination of technology skill and business savvy?

Imagine an IT department made up of these IT rock stars. Business people would love them for their ability to hone technology into business advantage. IT would no longer be a technology rest-home for the business-indifferent.

Now, replace IT with HR. Sounds like our collective dream, right?

Actually Tom Peters has labelled HR as the Rock Stars of the Talent Age, unfortunately HR people themselves do not seem too excited to become rock stars. Who wants the glaring spotlight when you can sit in the dark and not get threatened? How many HR folks would identify with Tom's message: