Jun 2, 2008

Career question: 20 years experience

A reader sent me this email:

i am doing distance mba from [institute] .i am B.Tech(Civil) from NIT Calicut and have 20yrs experience in construction engineering.atpresent i am working as GM(Projects) in a leading construction company.my task is to administor all the works and get them, executed.which specialisation should i take HR or Operations or something else....
awaiting reply...

My reply to him was:

I do not think that an MBA by distance education will add much value to your career goals. Your focus should be to extract maximum learnings from it and therefore if you are aiming for a leadership position you should focus on learning about the 'life-blood' of the business, Finance or the way to get more money into the system i.e. marketing and sales.

Hope that helps.