Jun 12, 2008

Your chance to win a 16G IPod touch

I was contacted by Crimcheck.com, a background check and employment screening company, and they told me about a contest to win a brand new 16G IPod Touch and Accessory kit.

Crimcheck.com is a company based out of Cleveland, Ohio that does background checks and pre-employment screening.

This awesome contest gives someone the opportunity to win a pretty amazing prize, a brand new 16 G IPod Touch and accessory kit, totally worth about $449.

You get to play investigator and guess which criminal is featured in the mug shot. If you guess correctly you are entered to win the IPod Touch package. To play for free visit http://www.crimcheck.com/contest/. Good Luck!

And yes, the contest is open to anyone, from any country. They have indicated that would be happy to ship the Ipod (should you win) to non-US countries too.