Jul 12, 2008

Careerbuider ties up with MSN India

Looks like the jobsite scene in India is going to get heated up. Or at least promises to. MSN which is the 11 top site in India (according to Alexa) and Careerbuilder India have partnered to provide Jobs on http://in.msn.com

There is only one pure-play jobsite in the top 20 websites - Number 15 - Naukri.com

When will Yahoo! India (no.2) wake up to the potential and market HotJobs in India aggressively? Maybe not soon, with all the global flux happening in their company.

Rediff (No.6) offers its own vertical search for Jobs on which surprisingly a search for the generic term "manager" throws up a page full of JobStreet.com results right now. How much traffic are the sites getting from Rediff is what we'd like to know, and how does the vertical search algorithm work, I wonder? Rediff apart from indexing the jobsites' entries is also throwing up results from Corporate Careers pages like gecareers.com - Is this being marketed by Rediff sales guys to organizations?