Jul 17, 2008

Fall in recruitment classifieds business?

Someone called Sanal left me this comment on my website: Gautam’s Net
I handle the Recruitment Classifieds business for a leading Publication house in Mumbai.I am concerned about the recent dip in the volume of advertisements in the recent past.Have been trying ways and means to increase business but seems extremely difficult to innovate in this area due to various market reasons.Need your inputs

My advice to Sanal would be to embrace the change. Advertising for recruiting classifieds will drop even more as more and more job portals and customised niche job boards come up and job seekers discover that searching bookmarking and applying to jobs is a whole lot more easier than earlier. Adding to the mix are vertical search engines like Rediff and Bixee who get you all the jobs at one place.

What's a publication house to do?

Well there are some things it can do:

Leverage the existing assets that it has. Existing relationships with businesses who used to advertise is a good place to start. If the publication house does not have a website yet then it should have one with relevant content and then start its jobs center on that website. Pushing readers from offline publication to online content by giving unedited content on the website is a good way to start. Marketing the savvy online reader to the advertiser would not be difficult - if you know what the biggest headache with online job boards are - resume spam.

Come up with a method to fight that and VCs would be willing to give you money!