Jul 11, 2008

Indian to be first CEO of Booz & Co.

It's been a long time since Rajat Gupta left his role as Managing Partner of McKinsey & Co.

Now Indians in the high-brow world of strategy consulting have cause to celebrate - another Indian Shumeet Banerji is set to become the first ever CEO of new strategy consulting firm Booz & Company.

The Consulting Magazine reports:

He started with the firm's Chicago office in 1992 after leaving academia as a professor of marketing at the University of Chicago's Graduate School of Business. With a PhD in micro-economics and game theory, Banerji says he reached a point in his academic career where he had to make a choice about what he was going to do. "What I did as a professor was research and teach, and [much] of this business is data and persuasion. It's not all that different," he says. Banerji then moved to Asia in the late 1990s to help establish BAH practices in Singapore and Bombay. In 2000, he moved to London, which is where he still is based today.

Other Indian's in the list of Top 25 Consultants are Raj Joshi of Infosys Consulting, Raju Lal of Ernst & Young's India practice (this has to be a first too!). Too cool!