Jul 10, 2008

Push and Pull for Employee Training

Somebody from the Training group of a Indian firm posted this interesting question on Linkedin:

Normally it is noticed that employees are pushed to attend the training sessions aimed at a specific skill enhancement.Also it is noticeable that there is (on an average)2% - 5% absenteeism in training programmes .So what is it ,that managemnent should do to bring about a LEARNING CULTURE and from PUSH switch to the PULL factor.

This was my answer:

The answer would be is the need agreed to by the employee themselves? Is it seen as 'punishment' for lacking in a skill?

If there are negative connotations associated then the employee will never be 'in' the sessions - forget learning

The organization needs to assess the kind of culture and process by which training needs are analysed. Normally such needs are identified by managers during the performance appraisal process and euphemistically called "Areas for Improvement" which everyone knows is organizational gobbledygook for "weaknesses"

Training needs have to be assessed using a different methodology and without the negative atmosphere associated with them. Take a look at Human Performance Technology