Aug 11, 2008

How is training needs done

Abhijit Bhaduri has the inside info, from right inside the CEOs head in his "HR made simple" series:

Could it be Leadership skills that you should go for with the boys? Your reasoning is perfect. When they join you fresh out of school, they need Leadership training. When they are stuck in Middle Management for years, the cure is not cod-liver oil. It is Leadership training, my friend. Even the old geezers in the corner office could use that stuff. the President of the country could benefit from Leadership training if only he could sit still for two days.  And you know what, even the venue is awesome? It is at your favorite beach resort. While the lads rough it out in the classroom, you could settle down by the beach sip a beer while adding a few more stars to your already fully grown leadership style. After all, the sea has so much to teach us, you argue with yourself and lose hopelessly. You cast your vote. Leadership it shall be for everyone this year.