Aug 5, 2008

On growth in HR Consulting

Am quoted in the Outlook Money/Rediff article 10 emerging careers to watch out for
Consulting services
Growth stimulus: With existing businesses growing more complex and numerous startups on the cards, there will be demand for consultants specializing in human resources (HR) and startups.

"Apart from recruitment specialists, another area of demand in the HR space will be 'employer brand specialists' as organisations move away from a me-too approach and actively seeking differentiation," says (Shabbir) Merchant.

Requirements: Considering that with every 50-75 people recruited, one HR job gets created, estimates that 28,000 more HR jobs will be created in 2008.

Gautam Ghosh, foresees an explosion in demand for start-up consultants and business strategists as more and more consumer-oriented portals mushroom across the country.

Ghosh stresses the
increasing demand for people who have a blend of two functional skills,
like a financial services person with business and marketing skills.
"In a dynamic job space in a growing economy," he sums up, "people with
the right skill sets will always be sought after."