Aug 6, 2008

TheHiringTool offer for Employers and Placement Consultants

This offer is by the new recruitment site the HiringTool for Indian Employers and Indian third party recruiters only.
The site already has 200 consultants and 23 clients on board.. and they inform me that they also had 2 placements within 10 days of the job being posted.

The promo they exclusively for the readers of this blog are:

Placement consultants - signup for beta using referral code gautamc to get 10 unique opportunities to work with marquee clients and make money

To qualify you should be a registered placement agency engaged in the  business of contingency fulltime placements

Employers- sign up using referral code gautame to post 5 jobs, it does not cost you anything to post jobs, after you fill the job through one of their 200 partners pay the fee you set for the right candidate.

To qualify you should be a recruitment stakeholder with a immediate funded full-time opportunity

Umm, well I guess that means being a reader of this blog can actually help you save - and make money? Who'd have ever thought that !