Oct 1, 2008

HR Professionals community grows to 350 people

This is a post to let you know that the HR Professionals community has really grown from its small beginnings and now has more than 350 people - and 6 groups discussing Innovative HR and work related areas like Learning and Development Specialists , Consulting , Compensation Experts , Recruiters  and HR Generalists .

Then there is the Forum  where people can discuss any issues they are passionate or want to know more about.

For people who want to start blogging but don't really know how to go about building a readership - the community has a blogging feature which has a ready-made audience of the community members! Check it out here

The community primarily comprises of HR professionals from India, but there are a large number of consultants and experts from other countries as well.

So why don't you join us there?

On a totally unrelated note, you can join this blog's Facebook page too. Currently there are 35 fans :-) You can follow this blog on Google Reader by clicking "Follow This Blog" on the right hand column. Currently there are 9 followers.

Over the last week, the engagement metrics have been really rising on the blog. The visitors' average actions per visit is 2.7 and average time per visitor was 2minutes and 10.6 seconds.