Nov 4, 2008

HR person to be laid off

Got this email from a reader. What would you suggest to her?

Dear Sir

Hope you are doing great.
I have been a regular reader of your blog and find your posts quite interesting and informative.
Just felt like taking your advice on an issue bogging me since 2 months...
I am an MBA pass-out of 2008 batch, have been working in a Corporate HR role with one of the large Indian Group's company that is on the verge of winding-up and thus had to put down my papers.
As the job market is extremely bad, specially for a fresher in the field of HR....I have not been able to get a decent job since last two months and the market situation is getting worse with each day.. If you could kindly provide your valuable suggestions regarding:

1) Are there any good certifications/ short term courses for freshers to further build-up on my knowledge of HR and polish my resume?
2) Will working on a short term project/ assignment for an organization be worthwhile?
3) Should I take-up any job coming my way from a lesser known brand compromising on profile and compensation?
4) How far does a foreign language help an HR professional?

Being a novice in this field, your guidance will help me take informed and wise career decision.

Here's what I replied back.

apologies for the late reply - I was travelling on Diwali

Am sorry to hear that your division is winding up and therefore you need to look for another role.

My advice to you would be to find a HR role with any industry right now. You might have to take a salary cut or move locations, do that.

There are short term HR courses, but doing them after a full time MBA does not really make sense.

A short term project might be very interesting. But ensure that it offers adequate learning opportunity. Finding such organizations might be difficult. Talk to your MBA professors, since they might also be doing consulting for organizations, if they can use your efforts to support their own consulting assignments.

As far as foreign language matters, it would help only in certain specific cases, like you planning to emigrate into a non-English speaking country. I know a friend who moved to Hong Kong for personal reasons and couldn't find any HR roles there as they all needed some Cantonese/Mandarin skills.

warm regards,