Nov 3, 2008

HR salaries in India

Anurag of HR Next has compiled a rough but ready reckoner of HR salaries. So if you are a HR professional wondering how the market pays your peers here is the lowdown on his site.

Some interesting data:

Top dog : Heads HR for large MNCs , or group HR Head for large Indian business groups with over 10000 employees = Base salary ranges between 70-110 lakhs + variable pay +ESOPs. In Bombay - company flat upto 2000 sqft in South Bombay or Pali Hill likely. Is of batches 1985 or earlier maybe additional and is not costed.

Head HR : Large organisations but Category B or below brands or organisations that position compensation at median or less. Overall CTC not likely to exceed 100 lakhs with median of around 65 lakhs. 1980-1992 batch.

1995-1998 batch : Median salary - 35 lakhs ; range is between 25 to 48 lakhs . These are typically functional heads like C&B Head, OD head or HR Heads for a large division in an organisation handing around 2000+ employees
2) 1999-2001 batches : Median salary - 26 lakhs ; range is 18 to 42 lakhs. Most likely data points between 26-32 lakhs for the 1999-00 batches.
3) 2002-2003 batches : Median salary - 16 lakhs : range is 12- 26 lakhs. Most likely data points are between 16 and 20 lakhs.
4) 2004-2005 batches : Median salary - 12 lakhs : range is 8 lakhs to 20 lakhs

Note: Salaries in Indian Rupees. I lakh rupees is equal to US $ 2076 based on current exchange rates.

So median salaries according to Anurag for HR Heads would be US $ 135,000  p.a. approximately