Nov 30, 2008

Mumbai Attacks

The last three days have been a period of turmoil. I don't consider myself an emotional person (my MBTI profile is INTP , in case you want to know) but watching the Mumbai attacks unfold has been gut wrenching and heart-breaking.

In addition my mind has been trying to make sense of all this. And failing.

Then I remember that the human mind yearns for a simple solution, one explanation that explains everything. A simple formula to arrive at a definitive conclusion. In both personal as well as organizational and social issues.

We wish we could connect the dots and arrive at the root cause.

That's a fallacy. There is not one root cause. There are many. There is no linear connection. There are webs of complexity.

Which is not to say that solutions are impossible. Solutions are sometimes very visible and everybody knows what should be done. But it's the implementation that's fraught with danger.

As citizens of Mumbai and of India it's our duty to lead. Not just to vote and choose leaders. Each of us have to lead - be an example of the behavior we seek from others. To begin with what we can do. And then have the integrity to demand that behavior from others.

So what's the change you would like to see from this world? Can you be that change?