Dec 10, 2008

Flaws in Exit Process

A friend posted this on Linkedin:
What are the flaws in an Exit Process- voluntary and involuntary seperation. What should be in-corporated to ensure a smooth 'exit' and a pleasant seperation for the employee. You'll could also share instances if you please.
This is to help us all stream line our exit policies, create a more cost and time effective process and make a brand building impact.
This is what I answered:
I guess the flaws can be addressed before the separation process. If the reasons are because of performance has the person been given enough time and support to increase his performance level?

If it is a behavioral issue what feedback has his manager and HR leader given. Has enough opportunity been given to him to turn it around?
If the above two have been followed the nitty gritty of the exit process needs to be followed so that the separation happens in a decent and mature way. The exiting person should not be made to feel guilty of leaving the organization (where it is voluntary) or victimised (where it is involuntary)

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