Jan 12, 2009

Finding time to give performance feedback

One of the most mentioned excuses when I am delivering a program on performance or competency assessement - and say that a manager should be meeting all their employees frequently (at least on a monthly basis) to give feedback on their performance - is that "all employees? Monthly? We don't have the time to do that!"

If that is what you say too - then you're doing your employees -and yourself- a disservice.

As a manager the most important part of the role is leading people. Take a look at this CCL research on leadership, for example[pdf file] that shows that the most important skill for leadership is people related.

If that is the case - and reflect on the best managers you have worked with - people management and feedback sessions are not just nice to do, but critical

They need to be given as much priority as budgeting meetings or strategic planning meetings.

The sad part is that while people pay lip service to this - they willingly compromise on the time and effort people management takes.

It shows that while in words it is said, when it comes to deeds people don't really believe it.

No wonder that most people don't trust their managers - and this distrustful behavior gives rise to a vicious spiral - which shows no signs of being broken.

Or as a colleague used to say to me - "Not finding time to do something is an euphemism for saying - I don't think it's worth jacks**t to do that"