Jan 15, 2009

How can Consultants Leverage the web

It's no secret that visibility and the ability to be found (what can we call it, "findability"?) on the internet will slowly become the make or break aspect of professional services providers to find work and sell services. Consultants of course, are also part of this industry?

And it is no secret that Google dominates the access to how we find content on the internet. So "How can Consultants Leverage the Web" can also be called "How can Consultants build visibility on Google?"

Fortunatelty Google itself has made a page of how professional services folks like Consultants can submit their content on it. Go ahead read all of it!

Google can get your content in front of people—free
We've found that professional services firms often have some of the content below. Click each content type to learn how you can use Google's services to promote your content.

Website: Make sure your website is included in Google Web Search and is easily accessible to Google.
Business Information: Make sure your firm's locations are up-to-date on Google's location-based services.
Gadgets: Build mini-applications to deliver the latest news and information to your clients' desktops and the sites they visit.
Blogs: Give your business a voice, and let your customers know what's going on right now.
RSS: Instantly notify your clients and prospective clients as soon as you update your website.
Authoritative Information: Share your professional knowledge, collaborate with your community and get credit for what you know.

Of course, Knol really hasn't taken off to be the wikipedia killer that Google wanted it to be [for example, you can check my Knols here]

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