Mar 22, 2009

Gurprriet Siingh starts blogging

My virtual friend and OD guru Gurprriet has started out blogging with his post on How will Consulting change in 2009. I agree with his views. As another friend says "This is the time when efforts will be focused on long term business impact, however this would need to be a demonstrated by consultants by hard data"

Gurprriet says:

The way things are going, there will be a greater focus on Operational Efficiency, so existing and newer services in that area will pick up.At the same time, clients will demand higher levels of accountability from consultants to deliver to objectives as well as pressure to deliver within time and costs agreed. My sense is we will see clients demanding a variable component linked to deliverables/output. And this is something good for the consulting industry, since it will push us to deliver more on the ball.
Just as industry in general is getting operationally efficient, consulting will have to do the same. We’re part of the value chain and clients will pressure us to deliver more value for less.
The other area where I see huge investments of time and money coming in, are building organization culture and capability in the area of change. Organizations will realize, more than ever before, the need to be agile, flexible, scale up/down rapidly, respond quickly to change.
Welcome to the blogosphere, Joy (which is his nickname!)