Mar 21, 2009

New expert network consulting firm for media started

NY Times reports how the erstwhile legal anchor of NBC is starting an interesting sounding consulting firm:

The firm, Abrams Research, may resemble a narrowly focused version of “expert network” firms that connect investors to industry experts. Journalists and bloggers retained and paid by the firm could consult with corporations, conduct media training sessions, or conduct investigative reporting for corporate clients.
“I think there are an enormous number of very talented, experienced media professionals around the world who would be ready, willing and able to advise businesses on media strategies. In fact, I know there are,” Mr. Abrams said.

He said he planned to broaden the network of experts beyond traditional journalists, employing media analysts, bloggers and others who might not operate under such stringent rules. He said he was especially interested in connecting bloggers with businesses that had trouble dealing with online media.

Seems to be like a smaller and niche version of a firm like the Gerson Lehrman Group .