Mar 5, 2009

Relationships is the answer

How do I get a job?
How do I get a project?

In these tough times, whether you are trying to build business or hunt for a job, it's going to be an uphill task. No doubt about it.

There's less money to go around. People are not spending on consulting assignments and they are clubbing more roles to save on payroll costs.

But yet there are people who are communicating value. They are getting consulting offers and job offers. When talking to some of them I realised what's the difference.

There are various differences, but the similarity is the ability to build relationships with people. These are people who have given without expecting much in return. They share knowledge, they help connect people, and they pass information along to whoever needs it.

All other things remaining comparable (education, experience) would you give a project/job offer to the person who has a history of maintaining and nurturing and helping relationships, or the one who doesn't?

Thought so.