Apr 27, 2009

Making workplaces inspiring

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Sujit asked on twitter - why are most workplaces uninspiring and boring ?

Workplace culture is shaped subtly by the physical layout and colors of one's place of work. How much can a cubicle or bland greys and cream colors inspire you? In fact they may be making a manager's job more difficult.

What organizations are communicating subconsciously to people is that "You are just a cog in the wheel"

While many people in organizations do end up personalising their workplace with personal decorations, photographs - however really reimagining the workplace is a complete no-no in most organizations.

Here's a tip to organizations: if you want ownership from your employees - try giving them ownership to shape their own workplace.

Of course, I am not saying that alone will give rise to a great organizational culture, but it is a variable that will go into it.

Will organizations be brave enough and take the plunge?
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