Apr 4, 2009

Naukri.com's JobSpeak gives clues to hiring trends

According to the data shared by Naukri.com the following trends can be seen:

Industry Analysis: Job Index of Auto, Insurance, Oil and Gas moved up significantly
Job creation improved in industries like Oil and Gas, Auto, Construction, Pharma and Insurance. Hiring in the Oil and Gas industry picked up by 24%, the index moved to 910 as compared to 732 in Jan ’09. The index for Insurance industry moved to 922, up 20% as compared to Jan ’09. The Auto industry cheered up after the slump in the past months, the index moved up by 15% from 501 in Jan ’09 to 577 in Feb ’09
Witnessing a sudden shift, the index for the education industry moved down by 16%, from 1112 in Jan ‘09 to 940 in Feb ‘09.
Functional Area / Department Analysis:
Sales and Business Development professionals continued to see an increase in hiring, the index moved up from 849 in Jan ’09 to 953 in Feb ’09. Banking and Insurance professionals saw an upward trend in hiring, the index moved up by 10% from 665 in Jan ‘09 to 737 in Feb ’09.
The demand for professionals in Hospitality saw a downward trend in Feb ’09. The index moved down from 1046 in Jan ’09 to 925 in Feb ’09
Experience bucket: Senior Management hiring picked up by 10%
The maximum number of jobs continued to be in the 4-7 years category. However it was the senior management category that saw a push in hiring in Feb ’09. Senior Management hiring picked up, with jobs for 16+ years of experience moving up by 10% as compared with Jan ‘09. New jobs for the experience band of 13-16 years picked by 6% as compared with Jan ‘09


The index has been calculated based on job listings added to the site month on month. July 2008 has been taken as the base month with a score of 1000 and the subsequent monthly index is compared with data for July. Data has been sourced from Naukri.com and it reflects of job listings and therefore hiring trends on the site.