Apr 8, 2009

On Personal Branding

Dan Schwabel guest posts on Penelope's blog with his reasons on why Generation Y is the personal branding generation (familiarity with gadgets and online personas, knowledge that jobs are not for life)

Dan has released his first book Me 2.0 and it's currently number 356 on Amazon.

Oh, another thing. He's 25.

Reputation was earlier a field with high-entry barriers. You had to slog over a long number of years to get to be known by a sufficient number of people to be recognized as an 'expert'.

You still have to slog today - but the reach of the social technologies has amplified to a huge extent and crunched the time and entry barrier.

However, be careful... these tools can be double edged swords - and handled stupidly can amplify things you would rather hide.

And yes, not all in the generation would be savvy marketers...however when compared to the previous generations, and the context they find themselves in - Gen Y would be savvier on the whole than Gen X.

The question to ask is - is the same true for Gen Y in India? Maybe for the miniscule group that has access to these tools, maybe yes... what of the rest?

P.S. Dan's got a 52 page free PDF download to Blogging Your Brand here.