Apr 21, 2009

Social Media and Job Losses

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Michael has a good post on how the media is going overboard on reporting how people are losing jobs due to social media goof-ups like putting up Facebook status messages that communicate a bad impression about your employer.

Yes the lines between work and life - and offline and online world are getting blurred to a large extent.

As an employee who is also active on social networks here are some pointers how not to give your employer an excuse to fire you:

  1. Don't Facebook/Orkut/Twitter on company time, unless digital communication on behalf of your company is part of your overall job description.
  2. Don't post organizational documents/photos on to websites if you're not authorised to do so.
  3. Don't use Facebook/Orkut status messages to show your disdain for your employer/ fellow employees
  4. Don't use Flickr/ Youtube to showcase how you waste time in your firm - or treat customers/ co-workers badly.
  5. Don't blog about how your workplace sucks - or at least don't do it with your name and picture splashed all over it. 
What else would you add to being social media savvy in the times of job losses?

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