Apr 21, 2009

Want me to help in your job search?

I get a lot of emails, with vague subject lines - and all the recipients on bcc. These usually have a resume attached - and state along the lines of:

"I am xxx post graduate/graduate from yyy institution - I would be very obliged if I can get a job in your esteemed organization

Well here are some of the pointers that I'd like to give folks who are doing this:

  • If you are taking my email id off this blog and mailing me as part of a mass mailer campaign without any personalisation - without establishing any personal connect - whether you are a PR guy or a job hunter - I will delete your mail.
  • Not all HR consultants are executive search consultants/recruiters. I am part of a OD and Training consulting firm. Other HR consultants focus on compensation and related areas. Some HR consultants are Recruiters. Do your homework before you shoot off a mail.
  • The body of the email is the electronic version of your cover letter. Don't just state facts - show how you'll impact the performance of the place you are applying to. If I don't see that I am not going to forward your resume to friends of mine who might be looking out for people. Because every time I send a mail out to them I impact my own credibility. To take that decision your value has to be clear to me.