May 24, 2009

Different Kinds of Leaders

I'm going through this book called An American Journey of Barack Obama and at this moment the final of the IPL cricket tournament is also on.

Cricket, Politics, Business.

The search for leadership remains as elusive as ever - whichever the field you are looking for leaders.

However there are different kinds of leaders - because there are different kinds of followers.

There are the people who perhaps know what to do - but lack the knowledge of the direction. They need a leader who can point the way and then not come in their way.

Then there are those who are dispirited and down. They need a leader who can inspire them, and stand in front of them and show them the way.

Then there are the ones who don't think they need a leader. They need a leader who can ask them tough questions, confront them and get them to figure out the way.

The question is - what kind of a leader are you trying to be for what kind of a follower?