May 20, 2009

Money is a sign of Value

The Evil HR Lady believes that counter-offers are, well, evil.

CEOs who speak about "People being our most important assets", need to put their money where their mouth is.

As she says :
Sure, your boss would love to give you more money but company policies prevent it.
Stupid company. They need to be watching out for their best people and meeting their needs. And if you truly loved your boss you wouldn't have been out looking for a new job in the first place.
There is another reason why you went out job shopping. Think about that. Most people who accept counter offers leave within a year anyway.
If you decide you want to continue on with the negotiations, go ahead and show them the offer letter. If you are concerned that doing this will jeopardize your job offer, that means you don't trust your boss or the HR person. Why on earth are you staying with a company where you don't trust your boss not to actively screw you over?
Think about that for a moment.
Take the new job and good luck.