May 17, 2009

The Social Ribbon and Other Connects

If you're seeing this post on a browser directly (as opposed to a feed reader/email subscription) you might notice that there's a light blue shaped ribbon on the top of the page.

That's a Google FriendConnect social bar which enables a blog/site's community to interact via the site. So if you've not added yourself to the community you can do that by clicking on it, and leave comments for me and other readers to respond. These are not posts specific to blog posts.

If you're on Facebook you can follow the blog posts at the "Gautam Ghosh page" if you become a fan

You can also follow the blog posts on Twitter .

Of course, there's also the HR Professionals community which is approaching 700 members on Ning and the HR professionals Network on Facebook that's got more than 300 members now that I'd urge you to join if you're a HR professional

If you'd like to get updates via email go here and register , there are more than 2000 people who get their updates via email/feedburner.

The URL to add to Google Reader or any other feed reader is this one .