May 27, 2009

Subjective work

On Twitter I posted a tweet asking folks why is it that even though marketing and HR both deal with issues of engagement and connectedness - inherently subjective - does HR struggle with its credibility while marketing does not?

The response from the twitterverse was quite enlightening:

SaliSantosh @GautamGhosh Marketing Vs HR ? Marketing returns very tangible returns - HR professional fails to show returns in concrete numbers .right ?

sajin8 @GautamGhosh Most key performance indicators in HR still revolve around cost. "Investing in People" by Wayne Cascio is an interesting read!
sajin8 @GautamGhosh thats a very interesting topic! I guess Marketing budgets are accounted for financially through sales.

gurdeepak @GautamGhosh important parts of transformational actions r taken by division heads. little business knwledge of HR doesn't help either.

anaggh @GautamGhosh Perspective creation:) And in India #HR still treated as extension of Personnel

nimmypal @GautamGhosh Because marketing deals with customers and customers are considered more important than employees?

abhishekrungta To a new person in business or very traditional one marketing relates to revenue and HR relates to expenses @gautamghosh

kokobano @GautamGhosh Because HR people are wicked and trouble marketing folks. Marketing people trouble faceless and anonymous folks. That is okay.

justmohit @GautamGhosh HR needs to start talking abt business for business guys to take them seriously. It ain't abt subjectivity or objectivity...
justmohit @GautamGhosh b'cos mktg is able to demonstrate a connect with org goals of Revenue & profitability. While HR guys struggle

Some of my thoughts were also posted on Twitter

What do you say?