May 27, 2009

Twitter and Social Media as a learning tool

The Center of Learning and Performance Technologies has compiled a list of top tools for learning in 2009 after inputs from more than 100 learning professionals and increasingly a lot of social media tools make it to the list.

Most surprisingly, Twitter is No.1, followed by URL sharing app Delicious, Google Reader, Wordpress, Slideshare.

So what makes social media tools overwhelmingly come out on tops?

My thoughts on Twitter echo that it is an overwhelmingly social tool.

And adult learning is essentially a social process. 

Kolb has said it. John Seely Brown has said it. And we can see how sharing experiences and knowledge leads to a better input for learning.

However, be aware that these are only tools.

You still have to apply and practice the information you get from these tools to ensure that learning takes place. Social tools can help one to support and encourage each other during the conscious competence phase when one really needs support and encouragement.